KPC Receives The Most Sustainable Mining Company 2021 Award from CNBC Media

Media Economics and Business, which is integrated with CNBC Indonesia, is holding the CNBC Indonesia Awards 2021. This time the event is held every week, which has started on Wednesday (29/9/2021), and will end in December 2021. In this event, there are 10 the business sector that was given an award for successfully adapting in the midst of a pandemic.

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), as one of the mining industries, was successfully named The Most Sustainable Mining Company 2021. This award was given online through the zoom application by the Director and Editor in Chief of CNBC Indonesia Wahyu Daniel and received by the Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) KPC Ido Hutabarat, Wednesday (29/9/2021).

Ido Hutabarat when receiving the award expressed his pride and gratitude at the same time to CNBC Indonesia, which has named KPC as The Most Sustainable Mining Company 2021. “Thank you Pak Wahyu Daniel (CNBC Principal, ed) for the award given by CNBC. KPC is proud to receive this award,” said Ido.

Furthermore, Ido said, the award will spur KPC to maintain its performance, so that it can carry out mining that follows the rules of good mining practice. Namely mining that always pays attention to environmental impact and sustainable mining.

Wahyu Daniel, Director and Editor in Chief of CNBC Indonesia congratulated KPC for the award he had received. The award was given because KPC has a strong commitment to preserving the environment, prioritizing the application of good mining practices and implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG).

The CNBC Indonesia Awards is an award ceremony for various industries who have successfully adapted in the midst of a pandemic. The CNBC Indonesia Awards 2021 ceremonial will start from the Webinar and end with the Announcement of the Winners of the nominations.

On Wednesday (29/9/2021), the category “The Best Energy and Mining Companies” was held as an appreciation to the energy and mining sectors for innovations and breakthroughs during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a series of Road to CNBC Indonesia Awards 2021. The peak event is planned to be held in December 2021.

Every week from September to November, CNBC Indonesia will continue to give awards to several business sectors, namely The Best Regional Banks, The Best Energy and Mining Companies, The Best Regional Leaders, The Best Digitalized Banks, The Best Property Companies, The Best Insurance, The Best Infrastructure Companies, The Best Inspiring Banks, The Best Technology Companies and The Best Securities and AM.(*)