KPC has donated Rp 11.3 Billion to Overcome Covid 19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to have a negative impact economically and socially on the community. PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) as a company that has concern for others cares about the massive attack of the corona virus.

Since the beginning of the pandemic that hit Kutai Timur in 2020, KPC has been struggling with the Kutai Timur Regency Government, the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) and other partners to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to data reported by the External Affairs and Sustainable Development (ESD) Division, the company has donated more than IDR 11.3 billion to help overcome the Covid-19 outbreak. Of this total value, as much as Rp 1.5 billion is in the form of medical equipment assistance to local public hospital, which is currently still in the procurement process and will soon be handed over to the hospital.

GM External Affairs and Sustainable Development (ESD), Wawan Setiawan, said apart from medical equipment for the public hospital, the funds for handling Covid 19 were used to purchase medical equipment, such as ventilators, rapid tests, oxygen cylinders, filling oxygen cylinders, medical devices and thermo guns. Then support for medical team equipment such as cover all, goggle, face shield, surgical mask, long hand schoon, and boots.

Moreover, the funds were also used to purchase supporting facilities, such as laptops for vaccine data entry and operational support for officers and other logistical assistance. In addition, there is food assistance for residents affected by the economy due to Covid-19. “This is our effort to work together with the government and other stakeholders so that we can all get out of this Covid-19 pandemic,” said Wawan.

KPC’s support for the community to get out of the Covid-19 Pandemic immediately continues. The latest is the provision of vitamins and medicines for patients who are undergoing self-isolation and quarantine at six Community Health Centers (Puskesmas). The six health centers are spread over the Sangatta Utara, Sangatta Selatan, Bengalon, and Rantau Pulung sub-districts.

KPC Project Management and Evaluation (PME) Manager, Louise G Pessireron, said this vitamin and medicine assistance was a form of KPC’s concern for residents undergoing self-isolation and quarantine, with a total value of Rp 230 million. “This is a sense of togetherness with stakeholders in the area around the company. We hope that all those who are exposed will receive vitamins and medicines so that they will recover soon,” said Louise.

In addition to vitamins and medicines, KPC also regularly provides donations of fresh milk every week as one of the nutritional intakes for medical personnel. The number reaches 2000 bottles, which is fresh milk produced in post-mining land for Integrated Cattle Farming (PESAT).

In addition, on Monday (20/9/2021), KPC also helped procure logistics for a public kitchen located at the Military District Command, Sangatta. Assistance in the form of funding of Rp 75 million to buy food ingredients for self-isolation patients, quarantine and staff. (*)