KPC Conducts Heavy Equipment Mechanic Training for East Kutai Community

 465 People Since 2007

Through the Apprentice Program, PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) has once again trained residents of East Kutai to become Heavy Equipment Mechanics for a year. The committee selected 16 participants from 300 applicants for batch 1 of 2022.

The Independent Indonesian Work Training Center (BLKI) UPT is collaborating on this Mechanical Apprentice program. Batch 1 started this year on Monday (15/8/22) at the BLKI Mandiri Building, East Kutai (Kutim) Regency, North Sangatta.

Participants will spend a year learning about heavy equipment mechanics. The first three months will be spent studying theory in the BLKI class, followed by nine months of practice at the KPC heavy equipment workshop. The best mentors from the Mining Support Division (MSD) will guide them.

General Manager External Affairs and Sustainable Development (ESD) Wawan Setiawan said, the Mechanical Apprentice Program is one of KPC’s efforts to increase the capacity of East Kutai youth. “We want to provide mechanical skills to the young people of East Kutai, so that they have the provisions to compete with others,” said Wawan.

Wawan also revealed that he established the Mechanical Apprentice Program in 2007 and has graduated 449 people. When current participants are counted, the total number of Kutim residents who have participated in the Heavy Equipment Mechanic Apprentice Program is 465. “Alhamdulillah, these graduates have worked in a variety of companies, including KPC, subcontractors, and others,” Wawan acknowledged.

Sudirman Latif, head of the East Kutai Manpower and Transmigration Office, stated that the Mechanical Apprentice Program aims to improve the participants’ hard and soft skills. He hopes that the skills acquired by the participants will lead to job opportunities in various companies, similar to those obtained by their seniors.

Dandi Saputra, one of the participants of the Heavy Equipment Mechanic Apprentice Program expressed his gratitude and happiness, because he could compete with 300 other people. As the first son in the family, Dandi feels he has a responsibility to help his parents. Dandi hopes that being a mechanical apprentice can make it easier for him to get a decent job later. “I hope that after graduation I can have mechanical skills so that I can be accepted to work to help my parents and younger siblings,” said Dandi. (*)