Director General MR Karliansyah Appreciates WTP Kudungga Program

Director General of Pollution Control, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, MR Karliansyah, appreciates Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Kudungga Program, Sangatta. The program which is cooperation between PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) and Kutai Timur Government was considered as good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program and had a high impact to the community.

It was conveyed during Karliansyah visit to KPC, Saturday (1/9). “This is a good program. The surrounding community can immediately enjoy the positive impact of the existence of the mine.” said Karliansyah, in WTP Kudungga, Soekarno-Hatta road, Sangatta.

WTP Kudungga started to operate in February 2016, with the capacity of 50 liter per second. That capacity is able to serve 3000 home connections or about 18 thousand people in Soekarno-Hatta road, Kampung Tator and Dayung Street. Public facility that is reached among others are Sangatta Public Hospital, Sangatta Stadium, STIPER, SMAN 2, Navy housing complex Dewa Ruci, Christian Center, and Catholic Center. At the moment, WTP Kudungga is starting to increase its capacity to 100 liter per second.

This WTP utilizes KPC mining pond whose water source is from forest around Pit Jupiter. In 2014, KPC installed connecting pipe which lies 3500 meter, using HDPE pipe with 450mm diameter from the pond to WTP Kudungga. The work was continued by conducting mechanical and electrical works. The total project value was US$ 600,000 or more than 8 billion rupiah.

In terms of State Own Water Company operational cost, WTP Kudungga operational cost is 50% below the operational cost of WTP Kabo which was the main WTP of State Own Water Company. The operational cost of WTP Kabo reaches Rp 1,843/m3, meanwhile WTP Kudungga only Rp 964/m3. (*)