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Stop Giving Food to Orangutans – PT Kaltim Prima Coal

Stop Giving Food to Orangutans

Head of East Kalimantan BKSDA M. Ari Wibawanto, S. Hut., M. Sc warned the public not to give food to orangutans. Giving food to orangutans, according to Ari, will change the behavior of the orangutans themselves. In fact, it can be dangerous because human food can cause disease in orangutans.

“When giving food to orangutans, it is very difficult to return them to the habit of living in the wild. “It takes years to return to their habits and there are even orangutans who can no longer return to their habit of eating from the wild,” said Ari.

In line with Ari, Orangutan Researcher Dr Yaya Rayadin also said the same thing, that people should not give food to orangutans. According to Yaya, orangutans are a type of living creature that survives very well compared to others. Because of this, Yaya asked the public not to feel pity or pity when they see orangutans.

“Don’t feel sorry for the Orangutans. It’s wrong if we give right. They have a huge diversity of food. That’s why orangutans survive so well in the wild,” said Yaya.(*)