ASEAN Delegation Amazed With KPC Mining System

After the event of the CSR workshop in Balikpapan, Tuesday (1/10), participants from the Ministry of Energy of ASEAN countries visited PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), in Sangatta, Wednesday (2/10).

They want to see first-hand the CSR program and post-mining management at KPC. The participants visited Sangatta Public Hospital, which is one of the KPC programs in the field of public health infrastructure.

After visiting the Public Hospital, participants saw a collaboration program between the Government, State Own Water Company, and KPC in presenting clean water services at the Kudungga Water Treatment Plant.

After that, the group visited the Composing Training Center (CTC) on Jalan Kabo, the Integrated Cow Husbandry Area (PESAT), and finally saw the management of the former mine pit in Telaga Batu Arang (TBA).

Imanuel Manege, General Manager of Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES) said, TBA area was once the Surya Pit, one of the KPC mine sites. At present an area of ​​270 hectares with a pond of 12 hectares has become a role model for the management of the former mine.

“In this pond we often hold rowing boat races. And maybe no one thought that this TBA was once a coal mine, because now it is normal again to set aside a beautiful pond with good water quality for drinking water,” said Imanuel.

Hans Kroder, Vice Chair and Director of ISO2600 Global Network Stakeholder (SGN), said he was impressed with the management of the KPC mine. According to him, KPC has done many of the best practices in its mining operations.

“Your company has done a lot of best practices and created mutually beneficial solutions for the community and the environment,” Hans said in his address at the TBA post-mining pond.

In addition, according to Hans, KPC’s mining operations are managed by employees who prioritize conscience and all their abilities to achieve best practices.

“Not by using very sophisticated technology, but using your heart and your intelligence. This makes a cycle and a win-win situation for many stakeholders, “said Hans.

“There is only one negative impact from everything you have done that is about CO2 emissions. But you have also made innovations to capture CO2 emissions and maybe in the future there will be a solution regarding that, “continued Hans.

At the end of his remarks, Hans admitted he was impressed with all the best practices carried out by KPC and the enthusiasm of its employees. “I was impressed with all the best practices that I saw today, as well as the enthusiasm and attention from all people to the community, the environment, and employees. Thank you for showing us all of this. I am much honored to see what you have done, “concluded Hans. (*)