Petrus: Thank You For This Luxurious Office

KPC Builds Singa Gembara Village Office Worth IDR 740 Million


PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) through the Multi Stakeholders for Corporate Social Responsibility (MSH CSR) Forum, has completed the construction of the Singa Gembara Village Office, North Sangatta.  The office was immediately handed over to Singa Gembara Village, Thursday (21/1/2021).

 The office which is located at Soekarno-Hatta road, was handed over to the East Kutai Regency Government, represented by the Acting of East Kutai Regent Dr H Kasmidi Bulang ST MM.  Submitted by KPC General Manager External Affairs and Sustainable Development (ESD) Wawan Setiawan.

 The construction of the Singa Gembara Village Office was carried out at the request of the village, in 2018.  The request was related to the condition of the old village office, no longer suitable to be used to accelerate services to the community.

 Acting of East Kutai Regent Dr H Kasmidi Bulang ST MM expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the role of KPC in accelerating development in East Kutai Regency.

 “We see that this village office is quite magnificent, it doesn’t look like a village office but like a sub-district office. Thank you to KPC for always supporting the government in development,” said Kasmidi.

 Kasmidi saw that the construction of the Singa Gembara Village Office was a real form of synergy.  “When the government budget is limited, there is support from third parties, in this case from KPC. This is a very good form of synergy,” said Kasmidi.

 The Acting Regent advised that this magnificent office should be in line with the village’s performance in community service.  Moreover, Singa Gembara, according to Kasmidi, is one of the villages whose territory is quite large with a very dense population.

 GM ESD Wawan Setiawan said, the construction of the Singa Gembara Village Office by KPC, responding to requests from the village.  Construction began in March and was completed in August 2020.

 The total development budget costs Rp. 740 million for CSR.  However, KPC is not alone in the Singa Gembara Village Office project.  There is also participation of the village who built the parking lot and land from the East Kutai Regency Government.

 “This building is a symbol of harmony between the community, government, and KPC. Hopefully this harmony will continue to be built in order to accelerate the development of East Kutai,” said Wawan.

 Wawan further said that KPC still has homework, namely to turn on Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes), in Singa Gembara Village.  “Please support, henceforth we will advance the BUMDes Singa Gembara Village,” said Wawan.

 The Head of Singa Gembara Village, Petrus Sombolayuk, said he was happy with the village office building they received today.  “We are happy because of the great attention from the Government and KPC to our village. We were given a very strategic office location by the local government and the building was built by KPC,” said Petrus.

 “We thank you for this extraordinary attention. Hopefully we can provide better service to the community,” concluded Petrus Sombolayuk. (*)