KPC Again Wins the Indonesia Public Relations Award

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) was again awarded the Indonesia Public Relations Award (IPRA) in 2021. This time KPC won the award for the category of The Best Public Relations in Company Management on Stellar Integration and Application of Sustainable Business Process.


The award was given by Media Warta Ekonomi together with 38 other companies throughout Indonesia, Tuesday (26/1/2021), in Jakarta.  In May 2020, KPC also won the IPRA award, category Popular Mining Company for Inform Activity Strategy.


Founder and President Commissioner of Warta Ekonomi, Fadel Muhammad, as quoted by various media said, IPRA this time carries the theme Navigating For The Best Future.  In determining the winner, according to Fadel, the research team used the media monitoring method through news content analysis.


Media monitoring sees various positive sentiments that have emerged in online media, mainstream media, and social media.  The period of positive sentiment that is assessed starts from August-December 2020. “I congratulate the winners at this award ceremony.  I also express my highest appreciation for their work and contributions through the world of public relations, “said the former Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs.

 General Manager of External Affairs and Sustainable Development (ESD) KPC Wawan Setiawan expressed his gratitude to Warta Ekonomi for the respect his company received.  This award proves that KPC’s communication with stakeholders is going well.

 “Thank you to Warta Ekonomi for the IPRA award in 2021. I also feel surprised, because I won this award twice, without registering to be assessed. Purely an objective assessment from the Warta Ekonomi research team,” said Wawan.

 External Relations Manager Yordhen Ampung admits, it is quite reasonable that KPC won the IPRA 2021 award. If you look at the distribution of KPC news throughout the assessment period in August-December 2020, there are 266 reports that directly mention the word KPC.  As many as 99.2 percent or 264 news stories were positive and 2 news or 0.8 percent were negative.

 Apart from conventional media, KPC also utilizes social media facilities, Facebook and Instagram as a medium of communication with stakeholders.  In the period from August to December 2020, KPC’s Facebook posts reached 308,259 accounts and Instagram posts had reached 147,078 accounts.  Meanwhile, video views on Facebook and Instagram reached 373,554 viewers.  “Hopefully this massive media communication will make the public understand more about KPC’s program and achievements,” said Yordhen. (*)