Subhashish Datta Selected as Asia’s Best CFO 2023

Subhashish Datta, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), has been selected one of Asia’s top ten CFOs for 2023. TrateFlock Magazine, an Indian economic and business publication, bestowed this honor.

The financial strategy, achievements, and accomplishments of CFO Subhashish Datta were specifically examined in TrateFlock Magazine, Volume VI, Issue 16-31 December 2023. Datta was included alongside 10 other Asian CFOs who were crowned Asia’s Best CFO 2023.

In a review by TrateFlock Magazine, Datta was chosen as the best CFO thanks to his expertise in bringing KPC out of the global crisis caused by Covid 19 and Russia’s war against Ukraine. According to TrateFlock, Datta is considered a persistent captain, leading KPC with wisdom and innovation.

“In the midst of the outbreak of COVID-19 followed by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the global coal industry is faced with unprecedented challenges. Market volatility, regulatory uncertainty and geopolitical tensions create the perfect storm. So it requires astute leadership to navigate a volatile situation. “The coal industry, which has been heavily impacted by these global events, is experiencing price fluctuations, demand-supply imbalances, and dynamic market shifts,” wrote TrateFlock.

TrateFlock further reviewed, in the midst of this chaos, Subhashish Datta emerged as a persistent captain, leading his company with wisdom and innovation. At KPC, Datta overcame challenges by optimizing production costs and emphasizing operational efficiency and bringing KPC into a sustainable company.

“He (Subhashish Datta, ed) implemented strict financial controls, ensured compliance, and pioneered innovative environmentally friendly initiatives. In particular, its innovative financing strategy, including close collaboration with equipment manufacturers and channel partners, ensures stable funding and strategic alliances, thereby strengthening KPC’s industry position,” wrote TrateFlock.

“Under Subhashish’s financial leadership, KPC has gone from strength to strength, playing an important role as a key player in the mining industry. “His foresight, honed by experience, turns challenges into opportunities, guiding the company towards a future defined by innovation and brilliant strategy,” continued TrateFlock in his review.

When questioned by TrateFlock, CFO Subhashish Datta stated that to assure the company’s success, he and the KPC team used digitization from the production process to coal marketing. This approach allows for real-time monitoring and cost analysis of coal carried to the buyer’s vessel. In addition, Datta supports partnership with equipment makers to produce secure and long-term funding and assure constant operations in the face of market instability. “These various approaches strengthen our financial resilience,” Datta stated in an exclusive interview with TrateFlock Magazine.(*)