Government Relieved, KPC Again Realizes Integrated Waste Management With Eco Waste Concept

Built with a Budget of IDR 16.9 Billion

Sangatta – The East Kutai Regency Government expressed relief. This is due to the presence of the Thermal Hydro Drive engine, which was built by PT Kaltim Prima Coal, which finally resolved the waste problem, which had been unresolved for years (KPC).

The domestically produced machine with the eco waste concept has become a mainstay at Teluk Lingga’s Integrated Waste Management Site (TPST) behind the Sangatta Main Market. This TPST receives waste from three-wheeled vehicles that collect garbage from Sangatta City residents’ homes.

Wawan Setiawan, General Manager of External Affairs and Sustainable Development (ESD), stated that it was built with Rp 16.9 billion in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds. It consists of Rp. 13.5 billion for machines, Rp. 1.9 billion for buildings, and Rp. 1.5 billion for one year’s assistance and other supports.

The machine will manage waste at a rate of 50 tons per day, producing bottom ash as a substitute for sand in the production of bricks and paving blocks.

Wawan went on to say that all of this was done as a form of corporate support for the government and people of East Kutai. “This is going to be a long journey. Starting with a comparative study to Bandung, making plans with the government, and finally realizing this TPST. This is our way of showing our support for the government and people of Kutai Timur”, Wawan stated.

Kutai Timur Regent, Drs H Ardiansyah Sulaiman, expressed relief that the waste problem could finally be solved with the presence of TPST. “I am relieved that there is finally a waste management facility in Sangatta City.” Thank you for your contribution, KPC. This is incredible. “We must continue to work for a better Kutai Timur,” Regent Ardiansyah said.

Dr Kasmidi Bulang ST, MM, Deputy Regent of Kutai Timur, who was also present at the handover ceremony today, expressed his pride and appreciation. The reason for this is that the construction of this TPST was initiated with the government using only KPC’s CSR funds.

The Thermal Hydro Drive engine used by TPST is an Indonesian-made machine. The engine boiler has a boiler temperature of 600 – 1200 degrees Celsius, 42 KVa of electrical power, water requirements of 3 – 5 M3/day, and a Cyclone smoke filter system with a wet scrubber. (*)