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Boni: Since Corona broke out I do not have income – PT Kaltim Prima Coal

Boni: Since Corona broke out I do not have income

Boni Ibrahim’s boiled pentol (meatball) stall lay silent beside the Sabilal Mutaqin Mosque, Melon Gang 3, RT 13, Singa Gembara Village, North Sangatta.


Before the Corona outbreak stopped people’s economic activity, the orange-colored stall was the foundation of Boni Ibrahim’s hopes.  The wagon serves as a fill in the coffers to support his family.  “Before this corona, I sold pentol in schools around here, Sir. My customers are school children. Right now, school is off, so I lost all customers,” Boni said.


In addition to expecting results from pentol selling, Boni also often gets helps from the congregants, Mushola Sabilal Mutaqin.  No wonder, because Boni Ibrahim is mosque administrator in the mosque. But the conditions are also not the same anymore.  There is not any people came to the mosque because the Covid 19 protocol banned prayer in the mosque.


“Yes, with this condition, I do not have any income anymore. Therefore I feel thankful for the help of KPC and YPPSB. This is very beneficial for us,” Boni said.


Boni’s story is almost the same as Joko Trisno, a resident of Gang Majay, North Sangatta.  Trisno was terminated from his company.  Covid’s 19 Pamdemi increasingly made it difficult for Joko to make a living.


“I was laid offs by my company, Sir. At the moment it is very difficult to make a living because activities are limited and the economy stagnates. Yes, I have no income anymore. Thank God, thank God, I got help from KPC and YPPSB. Thank you for your help,” said Joko.


Joko and Boni are two of 1,500 more people who got food packages from KPC and YPPSB.  This food package contains rice, cooking oil, sugar, instant noodles, one dozen eggs, sardines and tea bags.


General Manager of External Affairs and Sustainable Development (GM ESD) KPC Wawan Setiawan stated, the target recipients of KPC and YPPSB assistance were those who suffered because of Covid-19 Pandemic in the Districts of Sangatta Utara, Sangatta Selatan, Bengalon and Rantau Pulung.  “Those who before Covid-19 Pandemic were economically empowered, but now they are powerless because of Covid-19,” said Wawan.


Those who fall into this class are pentol sellers in schools, traveling salesmen, massage workers, mosque administrator, motorcycle taxi bases, public transport drivers, barber, layoff victims, shoe solver, and others.  The plan is that KPC will distribute 6,000 more food packages in stages to the community. (*)