Abiding Motor Vehicle Tax Payer

In addition to being the highest as a royalty payer company and included in Indonesia’s biggest taxpayer, KPC also turned out to be a company that obeyed motor vehicle tax. Not surprisingly, the East Kalimantan Provincial Government gave an award for KPC’s compliance.

The award was given at the East Kalimantan Awarding Night, coinciding with the 62nd anniversary of East Kalimantan Province in Lamin Etam, Wednesday (9/1). The award was handed over by Sekprov Kaltim Task Force, Dr. Hj Meiliana, and received by Yordhen Ampung, Manager External Relations.

Yordhen after receiving the award stated that the award was given as a form of government appreciation for KPC, because it had fulfilled its obligations on time. “This award is a manifestation of the government’s appreciation of KPC, which has always been obedient to paying motor vehicle taxes,” Yordhen said.

According to Yordhen, the award category received by KPC was a tax-compliant company, a category of heavy and large motorized vehicles, operating in a corporate environment. (*)