Zaidi Harvests Durian worth IDR 15 Million Per Day

Achmad Zaidi seemed busy grouping durian fruit according to their respective weights, in his plantation in Tepian Makmur Village, SP 8, Rantau Pulung. The Montong type durian weighs between 2.5 kg to 7.5 kg per fruit. If averaged, Zaidi durian fruit ranges from 4 kg per fruit.

Throughout the conversation with Prima Magz, the man with four children looks cheerful. A smile always adorns his face. When asked how many sales per day, Zaidi immediately grabbed. “Between 2-3 quintals (1 quintal = 100 kg). Yes, my average sales per day is between Rp 10-15 million, “I Zaidi.

Zaidi admitted, in the area of ​​seven hectares, it has 170 durian trees. At present, the number of fruit per tree is between 50-60 pieces, with an average of 4 kg per fruit, so per tree can produce 200-240 kg. “One kilogram of durian I sell for Rp. 60 thousand. Usually only until midday, they are all sold out, “Zaidi said.

The tree that produces billions of rupiah per year, has been planted by Zaidi since 2006. The durian program is a collaboration between KPC and Rantau Pulung farmers through a CSR program. Some recipients of the program succeeded in enjoying the results like Zaidi, but some failed due to various factors. “In 2006, it was planted through the KPC CSR program. Previously with Ms. Defy Nadira, “Zaidi said.

Successfully harvesting durian, Zaidi plans to expand his business towards agro-tourism and culinary. On the seven-hectare land in the durian garden, Zaidi has started with the construction of fish ponds and the construction of gazebos.

“I have built several ponds, which will later be used as fishing ponds and game rides.”These gazebos will later become restaurants,” Zaidi said.

For agro tourism itself, Zaidi has planted various types of fruits to attract tourists. “The activists will be fruit picking. I have planted longan, dragon fruit, mangosteen, stem wine, star fruit, langsat fruit, oranges, and others, “Zaidi said. (*)