Rantau Pulung First Open Defecation Free in East Kalimantan

Rantau Pulung is the first sub-district in East Kalimantan Province, which has an Open Defecation Free (ODF) Certificate; that is, sub-districts are free from open defecation. This is because all villages in the sub-district have received ODF certificates.

To get an ODF certificate, each house must have a healthy toilet. One of the conditions for a healthy toilet is the separation between the closet and the septic tank. While some of the latrines in the Rantau Pulung area were still small toilets.

“Actually, every house in Rantau Pulung has a toilet (WC), but the shape is still a traditional toilet. This traditional toilet is not in accordance with existing health standards, “said Suwoto, Head of Pulung Sari Village to Prima Magz when visited at his office in SP 1, Rantau Pulung.

Seeing this condition, Rantau Pulung Sub-District Chief Mulyono S. STP, Msi, immediately made a healthy latrine program for its citizens. Between the closet and the septic tank, there is a distance associated with the pipe. This program collaborated with PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) with Baznas Kutim. Closet and septic tank by KPC and Baznas, while their houses are self-supporting by the community.

The installation was carried out in September 2018, with a total of 120 units. Of this number, 110 units were built by KPC and 10 other units by Baznas Kutim. “For Pulung Sari Village, there are 36 units built. We thank you for this KPC CSR support, “said Suwoto.

The innovation of the non-APBD healthy latrine program has delivered the Head of Rantau Pulung Mulyono S. STP, MSi, won the award as the Best Sub-District Head in East Kalimantan. The award was handed over on the evening of the 62nd Anniversary of East Kalimantan in Samarinda on Wednesday (1/9). (*)