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Successful Harvest Thanks to KPC Support – PT Kaltim Prima Coal

Successful Harvest Thanks to KPC Support

Collaboration between PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) and rice field farmers in South Sepaso Village, Bengalon District, successfully led farmers to harvest on an area of 50 hectares. The harvest this time is like an oasis in the desert, because the previous two seasons, farmers experienced crop failure due to floods in a row.

“We are grateful to be able to harvest. The previous two seasons we failed to harvest due to flooding,” said Sutani, head of the farmer group Suka Sejahtera, during the harvest event, Tuesday (9/18). The harvest event was attended by the regent of East Kutai Ismunandar and GM External Affairs and Sustainable Development KPC Wawan Setiawan.

What makes them more grateful is the harvest this time increased from the previous harvest. This is according to Sutani because their acidic soil has been neutralized by dolomit lime from KPC. “Our land has a high level of acidity. After getting help of dolomite lime from KPC, our crops can increase,” said Sutani.

In this planting period, there were four farmer groups which get KPC’s aid. The four farmer groups have 50 hectares of land. However, the number will soon increase following the help of three new cultivator machines from KPC.

“The existing potential is 251 hectares. We are confident that with the help of these three cultivator machines, farmers can open all the potential land,” said Sugiono, head of East Kutai Agriculture Service.

East Kutai Regent, H. Ismunandar MT said, this corporate social responsibility program (CSR) is on target. According to the Regent, the focus of government development starts from the periphery, in this case rural areas. “KPC CSR is good and right, because later the economy runs not only in urban areas, but also in rural areas,” said Ismunandar.

GM ESD KPC Wawan Setiawan makes sure, company will continue to increase the support to farmers in Bengalon, so that their welfare is better year after year. “We will continue to increase our support for farmers in Bengalon. This is in line with KPC CSR program in the field of agribusiness development,” said Wawan. (*)