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  • East Kutai Head Regent: KPC is Still Needed By The People of East Kutai
    East Kutai Head Regent: KPC is Still Needed By The People of East Kutai   East Kutai Head Regent, Ir. Ir. Ismunandar MT said that, PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) is still needed by the people of East Kutai, as similarly for KPC who also needs the support o... Read more +

  • Break Fasting Moment, KPC Handed over CSR to Bengalon
    PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) symbolically handed over three packages of corporate social responsibility program (CSR) worth Rp 420 million, to the community in Bengalon sub-district. Three packages were handed over at East Kutai Regency's Break Fasting event wit... Read more +

  • Visited KPC, CLP Hong Kong Limited Confessing Impressed
    Castle Peak Power Company Limited (CLP Hongkong), which is a loyal customer of PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), on last Thursday (26/5) visited Sangatta. The arrival of the leading power companies in Hong Kong is in the context of field visits, discussions around the issue of CSR, safety, ... Read more +

  • Excellent Mining Water Management by KPC
    A number of North Sangatta community leaders evaluated that PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) mining water management is quite excellent and in accordance with the community’s hope. This it was stated during KPC Mining Water Management tour at PPS and Melawai ponds, Thursday (2/6). &l... Read more +

  • 21 Years Being TNK Partner, KPC Awarded
    The role of PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) as a partner Kutai National Park (Taman Nasional Kutai/TNK), recognized by the Directorate General of Conservation and Natural Resources and Ecosystems (KSDAE), Ministry of Environment and Forestry. In recognition, the Director General KSDAE giv... Read more +

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KPC Won 4 Awards in Indonesian Green Awards

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) won four awards in the 5th Indonesia Green Award (IGA) 2014, in Jakarta, on June 18th, 2014. The award was given by La Tofi School of CSR and supported by the Ministry of Forestry and the Ministry of Industry... Read more +


Recruitment Process Fraud Abusing PT Kaltim Prima Coal Name
ANNOUNCEMENT: Recruitment Process Fraud Abusing PT Kaltim Prima Coal Name fon... Read more +

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Burning Spirit : KPC Sustainable Business Principles

The term "sustainability" and coal mining maybe an odd pairing. But here at KPC, we are committed to operate responsibly, hence our product – coal, can pave the way for renewable energy to flourish and society to sustain their way of live. We believe when coal mining is conducted responsibly, it can provide positive benefits to all stakeholders, more over the electricity it generates for us to live of life and do our daily activities. Find out more about our sustainability pillar